Roulette Silver (ISB)

Roulette Silver (iSoftBet)

Roulette Silver is a fantastic game from top provider iSoftBet, one of our most beloved operators and long-time partners here at NetBet Casino. Roulette is easily the most iconic casino game of all time, and online gambling has created tons of variants to keep all kinds of players entertained. 

Roulette actually dates all the way back to 18th Century France, and it wasn’t originally created as a casino game. In fact, it was an accidental creation! Blaise Pascal was an ambitious mathematician and inventor who wanted to create a perpetual motion machine. He quickly discovered that this was a physical impossibility, but he invented the ‘roulette’ - French for ‘little wheel’ - and the world’s favourite gambling game was born. 

Today we’re spotlighting Roulette Silver, a contemporary version of Pascal’s legendary wheel, which is playable here at NetBet Casino to all players. Let’s find out everything there is to know about it…

Roulette Silver Theme

The theme of this game is traditional European Roulette, which is based on the original version of the casino game. The red-and-black wheel contains the numbers 1-36 and there is a single green zero, which gives the house a bit of an edge, as players can’t bet on it. 

The silver element comes from the visuals: the ‘metal’ on the virtual wheel is silvery chrome in colour, giving a slick and modern feel to the visuals.

How to Play Roulette Silver

Like all of iSoftBet’s games, Roulette Silver is super easy and fun to play, so both newcomers and high rollers can get in on the action. To get started, we’d recommend you set yourself a budget and stick to it. 

The game has built-in self limiting features to make this easier. Then all you have to do is select your bet! There are different bet types to choose from, from Straight Up (the simplest) to Street, Split and Corner, all with different probabilities and therefore prizes.

Roulette Silver Features

Roulette doesn’t typically have tons of extra features - that’s part of its appeal! And Roulette Silver is a classic no-frills variant, perfect for those who want a classic gambling experience. 

iSoftBet’s trademark slick graphics and smooth transitions are all present here, so no matter what device you’re playing on you’ll get wonderfully crisp and clean visuals.

Roulette Silver Mobile Experience

Spin the wheel on Roulette Silver on any device you like. Whether you love playing on your smartphone or tablet while out and about, or you prefer to move seamlessly between land-based and portable devices, all you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to go.

Roulette Silver Free Play

Spin the wheel and see what kinds of pay-outs are up for grabs with the demo version of this game, available here at NetBet Casino. Keep in mind that you can’t win any real money until you play the full version. 

Explore a huge collection of roulette games from iSoftBet and other amazing providers here at NetBet. Have a browse and find your next favourite.