Red Roulette Atom

Welcome to the exciting Red Roulette Atom by Skywind! Get ready to experience a thrilling Live Casino wheel like no other. In this guide, we'll cover the basics of the game, its features, and give you some tips to increase your chances of winning.

How to Play Red Roulette Atom

Red Roulette Atom is, at its core, a classic roulette wheel from the industry renowned provider Skywind. They go above and beyond to ensure their players can enjoy the ultimate casino experience, and that dedication to the customer is fully on display in their epic release Red Roulette Atom. It takes everybody’s famous table game and elevates it a notch, adding a virtual live casino experience to further immerse the player.

Playing is incredibly simple. The only difference is you’ll be greeted on arrival by a live casino croupier. All you need to do to get things started is place your bets on the colours, numbers, or sections of your choice before the round starts, lock those bets in, then wait for the wheel to spin and see where the ball lands.

Features and Benefits

The roulette wheel’s simplicity is where the beauty lies. It’s why millions of people flocked to land-based casinos, to enjoy the luxurious allure of spinning the wheel. Casinos might have largely transitioned online, but that doesn’t mean the classic roulette wheel is dead. Far from it. Roulette has never been more popular thanks to variations such as Skywind’s Red Roulette Atom.

The main feature of the game is its strong 97.3% RTP rate, meaning the house edge is very slight compared to typical roulette games. Another benefit to this impressive title is how seamless the gameplay is. The live casino dealer places you front and centre in front of the vibrant wheel, instantly transporting you to a land-based casino of a time gone by. You will enjoy all of the classic roulette bets and side bets you would be used to from a traditional wheel, but all in the company of an experienced croupier.

Bet Types

The most popular bet when it comes to roulette is the simple black/red bet. This comes with a chance around 48.6% of winning, meaning the probability of winning with every bet is nearly 1 in 2. This bet attracts high rollers looking to double big values.

Another bet type is the single number bet, offering much longer odds, but with a far lower percentage of winning at around 2.7%. This is for those who fancy an outside bet. Placing large stakes on a single number can be very rewarding if the bet comes in.

The third most popular bet is odd/even. This comes with a 48.65% chance of landing, and is similar in likelihood to the black/red bet. There are of course plenty more bet types on offer in this game, and it is up to the player to decide where best to put their money!

Red Roulette Atom Mobile Experience

The live casino experience in itself is a modern take on vintage casino gaming, and now you can do it from your mobile phone too! Gone are the days of being stuck inside on your desktop. Games are now made compatible across multiple devices thanks to the newest technology, meaning you can spin the wheel from wherever, whenever.

Red Roulette Atom Free Play or Real Money

If you’re new to live casino games, starting off in free play mode is a great idea. This will give you a chance to communicate with the dealer and learn how everything works. Then, once you are ready to play for real cash, you can switch over to real money mode.

Quick Facts

Roulette was accidentally created by Frenchman Blaise Pascal, who stumbled upon the design whilst trying to create a perpetual motion machine!